the Specialist for Bursting Discs

Welcome to Wehberg Safety. We are experts in bursting discs, bursting plugs and membranes for the industrial sector.

Bursting discs are pressure safety devices, which protect vessels, pressurised systems or installations against detrimental over- or under pressure. This is achieved through the rupture of a bursting disc that typically consists of a metal foil.

Our bursting discs enable us to implement the most diverse applications in shape, material selection and temperatures at the bursting pressures requested by the customers. A large number of different types of discs are available as a standard.

The Wehberg Safety GmbH® name stands for uncompromising quality and perfect function for self-sealing bursting disc assemblies, flat bursting discs and membranes, bursting caps, high-pressure bursting discs, bursting plugs, bursting discs for extruders, shut-off bursting discs and various other models.

The awareness that it is the perfect functioning of a bursting element, if required, which may be crucial in saving people’s lives and protecting plant and machinery, is an incentive for our company to always invest considerably more into production processes than is usual in order to ensure optimum quality and customer satisfaction. The fact that, in the past 14 years, we have been able to supply more than 490 million bursting discs purely for cold gas generators for airbags without any complaints confirms the cost and effort involved in achieving and ensuring the quality which our well-known customers at home and abroad profit from with all our products.