Bursting disc assemblies 2

Bursting disc assemblies consist of 3 components:

  • a stable turned brass mounting,
  • the bursting foil and
  • an inpressed sealing ring.
The components of the bursting disc assemblies are supplied loss-secure in an assembly.
The particular benefits of these bursting disc assemblies are:

  • excellent tightness,
  • integrated burst geometries,
  • long useful service life under conditions of dynamic pressures
  • marking can be etched or lasered on the rear to customer specifications,
  • easily exchangeable during servicing and maintenance.
Berstscheibe Berstfassungen
Outer diameter suitable for fastening screws G 1/4"
passend suitable for fastening screws G 3/8"
Bursting pressure range 45 bar to 500 bar

In case of interest we can provide the required sealing geometry.

Sealant geometry for:
G1/4"   G3/8"