Flat Bursting Discs / Bursting Membranes

These types are ideal for smaller nominal pressure parameters and for medium bursting pressure ranges. Bursting membranes have been employed for decades now for fire extinguishers, pumps, apparatus and systems and industrial facilities, to protect pressures.

Flache Berstscheibe
Outer diameter Ø 5 - Ø 40 mm
Bursting pressure range 50 - 400 bar bar dependent on the nominal diameter (DN)
Materials nickel, stainless steel, inconel, bronze, copper, titanium

In the case of these types, the bursting geometries are to be precisely specified by the customer or exactly defined together with the customer. The construction department of Wehberg Safety GmbH will be glad to assist in this respect. For installation purposes, it should be ensured, that only one bursting disc is fitted to the required application.