Hybrid Assembly® LP (low pressure) G1/8" & G1/4" & G1/2

Realizing low bursting pressures with small connection threads.

The Hybrid Assembly® LP (LP means Low Pressure) represents an enclosed bursting unit, which can be installed in containers and piping systems. This bursting plug with small connection threads allows the customer to reach lower bursting pressures than those, which are standard for these kind of thread sizes. This is possible thanks to an increased bursting cross-section of 12.7 mm in the connection to the proper DN, which is limited by the small connection thread.

A thread opening with a sealing ring is sufficient here to achieve the desired safety.

Berstscheibe Niederdruck
Bursting pressure range ≥ 3 bar
DN 4 or 8 mm (depending on the thread)
Thread G 1/8", G 1/4", G 1/2"

Technical details: Download data sheet