Bursting caps

Berstscheibe Berstkappe

This type of bursting disc has a 1 to 3 mm edging, dependent on design and is pressed down over a threaded plug (as illustrated alongside), which should be equipped with the correct bursting geometrics.

In the case of these types, the bursting geometries are to be precisely specified by the customer or exactly defined together with the customer. The construction department of Wehberg Safety GmbH will be glad to assist in this respect.

A particular advantage associated with the use of bursting caps is the secure fitting. Only one cap can be inserted over the application at a time.

Berstscheibe Kappenform

Available sizes Ø 7 to Ø 20 mm
Bursting pressure range 10 to 500 bar (145 to 7252 psi)
Materials Nickel, stainless steel, etc.