The Company Philosophy

Wehberg Safety is an owner-run company with a rich tradition. Our headquarters are located in North-Rhine Westphalia and we have been manufacturing bursting discs and bursting plugs for more than 50 years. We are an experienced specialist who offers future-orientated solutions, displays a high degree of awareness of quality and practises cooperation in partnership - these are the features that our customers appreciate when working with us. And after all, this is what our success is based on. It has made us one of the market leaders worldwide in the field of bursting discs and membranes, as well as an internationally accepted partner who offers an interesting range of small-sized products for a wide range of applications.

We took a deliberate decision to specialise in the manufacture of bursting discs and membranes while concentrating in each individual case on the most suitable solution to whatever problem we were presented with.

These are used in:

  • the high-pressure sector
  • in fire-extinguisher systems
  • in the aerospace industry
  • with gases to protect over-pressures
  • in the automobile industry for cold-gas containers used for airbags
  • in automobile gas engines
  • in automobile air-conditioning equipment

For over four decades we have specialised in dealing with our customers' requirements. During this period of time we have acquired a great deal of valuable know-how - something which all our customers have benefited from. We will continue to do this in future. Our in-house tool and mechanical engineering departments and our specialist knowledge of materials and excellent craftsmanship allow us to develop and manufacture technically advanced products.

Exports to over 100 countries and satisfied customers all over the world, underline our company’s philosophy.

Development and innovation

Over 4 decades of experience, cooperation in Germany and abroad and a healthy degree of flexibility and dynamism have made our company into what it is today - an internationally-acknowledged partner which offers its customers an interesting range of products for a wide range of uses. Our considerable practical experience always helps us to improve what is already of high quality, and ensures that we achieve the best possible results. The basis for all this is the productive exchange of ideas with our customers, suppliers and people "on-site". Our motivation always involves seeing our customers' problems as our own and providing new ideas and insights, which means that we can give our partners competent and constructive advice.