Special bursting safety devices are required to provide protection against extremely high pressures. Our product range includes two different designs:

  • Flat high-pressure bursting discs - bursting pressure up to 600 bar (8702 psi)
  • Hat-shaped high-pressure bursting discs - bursting pressure up to 7000 bar (101527 psi) - which satisfy the extreme requirements by means of a conical seal seating.

Both types are made of non-rusting stainless steels. Each bursting disc can also be supplied with a type plate (Ø 55 mm) which is fitted to the bursting disc support. This makes it much easier to recognise and re-order the item after the element has burst.


high pressure bursting disc


We can manufacture all usual forms and sizes well-known on the market, such as Nova, Sitec, Autoclave Engineers, Maximator, Dunze, HIP, Butech.

As an alternative to the high-pressure bursting discs shown here, our Hybrid Assembly® range includes a space-saving solution with holder for securing high pressure.

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