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Bursting discs and bursting plugs for industrial applications

Welcome to Wehberg Safety. We stand for sophisticated rupture disc technology at the highest level.

Bursting discs are pressure safety devices that protect containers, pressurised systems and plants against harmful overpressure. Thanks to our experience accumulated over decades, we are able to realise perfectly fitting protection solutions for low, medium and high-pressure applications, meeting a wide variety of requirements regarding form, material, temperatures and bursting pressures. We offer numerous different bursting disc types and a modular system. We are also happy to assist our customers with our expertise if special requirements make individual solutions necessary.

Safety of people, machines and the environment

Our bursting discs are safety products. We are committed to more than just meeting legal protection requirements. Your safety is important to us! We protect your employees, your machines and the environment. Professionalism and high quality standards therefore are integral elements of our business.

Top-Products: Examples from our product range

Broad range of applications

Our products are used for numerous different applications in a wide variety of industries:


  • Gas containers
  • CO2 cartridges for water carbonators
  • Fire extinguishing systems and equipment
  • Pipework systems
  • Airbag gas generators
  • (Automotive) air conditioners
  • CNG applications
  • Pumps
  • Hydraulic systems
  • Plastics production
  • Rockets
  • Hydrogen applications


  • Automotive industry
  • Aviation and aerospace
  • Medical technology and Pharmaceutical industry
  • Fire protection technology
  • Valve technology and fluid power
  • Energy industry (alternative energies)
  • Mechanical engineering and plant construction
  • Oil- and gas industry
  • Gas technology
  • Refinery technology and Chemical industry
  • Water applications
  • Mining industry
  • Ship technology
  • Research (universities, institutes etc.)