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Hybrid Assembly®

Bursting plug

All pressure relief devices in our modular system are self-contained bursting units designed for installation in containers, valve blocks and piping systems. A threaded opening with a sealing ring is sufficient to achieve the desired safety. We offer adequate solutions for both gaseous and liquid media. Various types and designs are available to meet the most diverse requirements in terms of bursting pressure, thread and outflow volume.

Hybrid Assembly

All Hybrid Assembly® types consist of a housing and a bursting foil which is metallically sealed by means of a pressure screw. The bursting plugs are designed according to the customer's requirements with regard to bursting pressure and temperature. Limits are set almost by physical conditions only.

The Hybrid Assembly® housings of are made of high-quality stainless steel 1.4404 (AISI 316L). Nickel, stainless steels and nickel-based materials like Inconel*) can be used for the bursting foils. Due to the design, a helium tightness of up to 1 x 10-9 mbar l/s can be achieved.

Hybrid Assembly(R) STANDARD

Hybrid Assembly® STANDARD

The design of this bursting plug is aligned with that of the screw plug in accordance with DIN 910, i.e. it is dimensionally identicalon the outside.

Bursting pressure range:   3 - 1000 bar (45 - 14500 psi)

DN:   2,0 - 12,7 mm

Thread size:   G 1/8", G 1/4", G 3/8", G 1/2", G 3/4", G 1"

Hybrid Assembly(R) LOW PRESSURE

Hybrid Assembly® LOW PRESSURE

Achieve low bursting pressures with small connection threads!

Thanks to its small connection threads, this bursting plug gives customers the freedom to reach lower than usual bursting pressures with this thread size. This is made possible thanks to an enlarged bursting cross section connected to the actual DN that is limited by the small connection thread.

Bursting pressure range:    3 - 225 bar (45 - 3260 psi)

DN:   4 or 8 mm (depending on the thread)

Thread size:   G 1/8", G 1/4", G 1/2"

Hybrid Assembly(R) G 3/8" FLAT

Hybrid Assembly® G 3/8" FLAT

This bursting plug is particularly space-saving. Its structure's height is barely 5 mm.

Bursting pressure range:   10 - 1000 bar (145 - 14500 psi)

DN:   5,5 mm

Thread size:   G 3/8"

Hybrid Assembly(R) G 1/8" with lateral outlet

Hybrid Assembly® G 1/8" with lateral outlet

This assembly with its proven space-saving design has only one lateral outlet (outlet port). That way the medium can be discharged in a more specified manner. The plug also offers additional sealing options, such as the integrated sealing edge on the front at the base of the housing.

Bursting pressure range:   40 - 1000 bar (580 - 14500 psi)

DN:   2,0 mm

Thread size:   G 1/8"

Hybrid Assembly(R) NPT

Hybrid Assembly® NPT

This bursting plug with NPT thread can be fitted to an appropriate internal thread using sealing tape. There is no need for an additional seal ring, the sealing is done via the thread.

Bursting pressure range:   10 - 600 bar (145 - 8700 psi)

DN:   4,0 mm - 5,5 mm

Thread size:   1/4" NPT, 3/8" NPT, 1/2" NPT

Hybrid Assembly(R) HIGH PRESSURE

Hybrid Assembly® HIGH PRESSURE M16 x 1,5

The Hybrid Assembly® HIGH PRESSURE M16 x 1,5 is used in the proven, widely used high-pressure fittings and valves with sealing lens. The lower overall height is an advantage of these assemblies compared to common high-pressure holders.

Bursting pressure range:   10 - 1000 bar (145 - 14500 psi)

DN:   5,5 mm

Thread size:   M16 x 1,5


*) Inconel is a registered trade name



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