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Hybrid Assembly® und Hybrid System® with exchangeable bursting discs

Bursting plugs for reuse

All pressure relief devices in our modular system are self-contained bursting units designed for installation in containers, valve blocks and piping systems. A threaded opening with a sealing ring is sufficient to achieve the desired safety. We offer adequate solutions for both gaseous and liquid media. Various types and designs are available to meet the most diverse requirements in terms of bursting pressure, thread and outflow volume.

Hybrid Assembly

These assemblies consist of a housing and a replaceable bursting foil, which is metallically sealed by means of a pressure screw. The plugs are designed according to the customer's requirements with regard to bursting pressure and temperature. Limits are set almost by physical conditions only.

The housings of our assemblies are made of high-quality stainless steel 1.4404 (AISI 316L). Nickel, stainless steels and nickel-based materials like Inconel*) can be used for the bursting foils. Due to the design, a helium tightness of up to 1 x 10-9 mbar l/s can be achieved.

Hybrid Assembly(R) WBS

Hybrid Assembly® WBS

This assembly is a reusable solution. The bursting element can be replaced by customers themselves after it has been triggered or as part of the maintenance intervals. Replacement bursting discs can be reordered or stocked up on. This allows for shorter system downtimes as well as inexpensive maintenance for the required safety.

Different bursting elements can be used in this housing to ensure bursting pressures between 10 and 600 bar. The identification for this is made on type plates that are supplied with the bursting elements.

Bursting pressure range:   3 - 600 bar (44 - 8702 psi)

DN:   12,7 mm

Thread size:   G 1"

Hybrid System 1/2" WBS

Hybrid System® 1/2" WBS

This assembly also is a reusable system with an exchangeable bursting disc. The various fittings available can all be combined. That way, inlet and outlet threads can be put together as desired.

Bursting pressure range:   3 - 600 bar (44 - 8702 psi)

DN:   12,7 mm

Thread size:   G 1/2"


*) Inconel is a registered trade name



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